Angela Blair

Angela was intrigued with the idea of hot yoga and in 2011 she purchased a groupon for her and her son. She was totally taken by hot yoga. In September 2012 Angela completed her 200 hour RYT training with Sacred Hot yoga. Angela loves watching as people find the connection between their body, their breath and their soul. She believes that yoga is for everyone and every body type ie: short, tall, big, little, strong, weak, flexible, and inflexible and she encourages her students to go where their body is able to go in that moment – every posture, in every movement can be modified.

Angela hopes that all that come to her class feel loved, supported, and safe to be themselves

Payton Prince-Henderson

Payton Prince-Henderson was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with a short stint in Houston, Texas. She knew that Albuquerque is where she is meant to be! After watching her Mom seek alternative treatment methods since 1998 to help family member with slight to severe illness she knew that this is where a big piece of her heart and her future was heading. Payton has always been involved in different adventures with ice skating, dancing, sewing, beading and more. After being on national dance teams and decided that she wanted to teach! She taught locally for a few years and then continued on to own iLash Factory with her mom Christie. In 2010 her dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She watched and helped his alternative treatment for his illness and saw how it changed his life and how he felt! In 2014 Payton realized that she missed teaching but wanted a different, meaningful way to be able to teach and help people. Payton was guided to take her RYT-200 yoga teacher certification and completed her training in December of 2014. After losing her dad to his cancer in 2012 Payton and Christie became certified Wholistic Kinesiologists (one of the many was that had helped her dad) and decided to open a Yoga and Alternative health center to help people in one place! In December of 2014 Christie and Payton opened Elevation Yoga and Wellness Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Offering Infarred Hot Yoga, Kinesiology Sessions, Foot Detoxes, FIT Body Wrap treatments, BioMat Treatments, and more. Then in May of 2016 they opened Elevation 2 which is a Room Temperature Yoga, barre, meditation classes and more to come! Payton married the love of her life Grant in April of 2012! Grant and Payton welcomed their daughter Ryder (seen in the profile photo) April 2014, and their son Slater, September 2016. Payton hopes that anyone who comes to one of her classes that they feel loved, welcomed, free to be themselves and know that it is a safe environment to explore and see all that they are capable of achieving.

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